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Bar  and Bat Mitzvah's

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah video, when produced from start to finish by a video a beautiful keepsake for friends and family.  Like a painting or a stunning portrait, your custom video will be cherished for a lifetime.  Video Memories professional videographers understand the serious nature of this religious ceremony and have the experience to know what elements are the most important to you.  They also know that, in the end, it is a time of celebration, fun and excitement for family and friends and they know just where to point the camera to capture every bit of the party!

What’s the difference between a video your friend would take using their phone, tablet or “Go-Pro”?  Well…just about everything:


  • Video Memories uses the latest video capturing technology in addition to in-depth knowledge of “lighting” and “sound” techniques.

  • Video Memories has three decades of video story telling for special events.  They know how to edit the story to bring about the greatest emotional satisfaction while focusing on the little nuances of the day that make it so special.

  • Video Memories video effects…with the finesse and gentle touch of an artist, Video Memories can weave exciting special effects into your video to create a work full of drama and beauty.

The  Total  Package

  • Baby picture music video

  • Ceremony re-enactment (or the actual, if permitted)

  • Cocktail hour & reception party

  • Animation & graphics

  • Special effects with music

  • Post production

  • Theme re-cap music video

  • Interviews

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